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Unruly Wedding Show

Unruly Wedding Show

Oh MAN I am so bad at blogging.

Amongst the many new year's resolutions, working on my blog game is definitely up there. I find blogging a bit overwhelming as I'm super cautious of making sure the content is interesting and the images engaging. So much so, I usually end up abandoning posts as I spiral off on a waffle tangent :D

I WILL get better at it though, I promise! Our big house/office move made last year pretty much a write off for anything absolutely non-essential so without wanting to whine and hurl excuses, this year should be easier for that reason alone. Having said that, converting outbuildings in to our offices is taking about 50 times longer than we'd planned, so don't hold me to it, ok? :) Separate blog post on the whole renovation coming soon...

In an effort to cut the crap waffle and just get some cool photos out there, I am going to stop banging on now and introduce the beautiful images (courtesy of our buddies over at Through the Woods We Ran) at our crowned event of 2017, The Unruly Wedding Show. The show took place at the super cool JJ Wimborne in Shoreditch back in October and was a total blast. It was their first show and we were so pleased when they asked us to be a sponsor. AND WHAT A SHOW IT WAS. The brain child of Holly and Susie (of Revelry Events), it was a real lesson in how a wedding inspiration event should be. Anyhoo, I said enough chat, more pics...

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