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Environment and Sustainability at White Cottage

First thing’s first, we don’t design our stationery with going in the bin in mind. We aim to create perfect bundles of delight, little presents for guests to open and keep forever as a joyful slice of history that they were honoured to be a part of. But real talk, we know some curious folk aren’t into paper as much as we are and we concur that some of our wares may end up trashed. Shocking, we know. So we have tried to create a business to not only serve the righteous stationery lovers, but also to be an environmentally respectful and sustainable business, that doesn’t exploit anyone involved in our supply chain and to ensure if anything does get thrown out, won’t still be on this beautiful globe in 100 years time.

A crucial part of being friendly to our planet and taking responsibility for our impact on the environment is our aim to create an ethically and environmentally transparent supply chain. Our suppliers are carefully selected ensuring their ethos are in line with our own and we are proud to say that all our print partners are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), an international organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world's forests.

Some of our stationery is printed in house to cotton rag paper made by one of our paper partners in India. The cotton comes in the form of

off-cuts from cotton T-shirts, recycled jute and from tropical crop residual fibres such as banana leaf and sugar cane. None of the paper they produce is made from wood pulp and there is no negative impact on India’s forests. Although our cotton rag paper supplier is far from local,

the social and environmental work they do is incredible and something we choose to support.

We don’t use any plastic in our stationery or banners at all. None. We do not take on any jobs that require acrylic or perspex and we’re happy to say that from 2020, all of our large format signs are printed to eco-board, that if you choose to, can be popped in the correct bin with your normal household recyclables. We won’t touch glitter (although you can now get biodegradable glitter so if glitter’s your bag, make sure you

check it’s creds) and all of our foil can be recycled too.

Wherever possible we use recycled packaging for your stationery and we encourage our customers to reuse their packaging too.

Anything new bought in to help safely transport our paper pretties is recyclable, no plastic purchases here.

The key reason we developed our line of banners and flags was to create keepsakes. So much involved with a wedding has been traditionally thought of as disposable, we wanted to produce something that not only serves a purpose on a wedding day, but would then become cherished heirlooms. A table plan printed to foamex board will more than likely end up in landfill, but one printed to fabric can be hung in the home, or folded down small to keep in a memory box. We've also had customers re-purpose their flags into other things, like a cushion for their first

child's nursery. Wedding keepsake goals right there!

In a nutshell, we don't see stationery as a part of a wedding that you should have to compromise your environmental standards for.

It is really important to ask the right questions with your stationer to see if their policies and viewpoints align with your own and if you

think they are, look forward to creating incredible pieces that your family can love for generations.


Or for the haters, that will reliably biodegrade or can be recycled after use :)

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