Our second wedding anniversary

September 5, 2016


Waking up on a dreary September Monday, really doesn't do much for enthusiasm levels here at White Cottage HQ. This summer has been our busiest yet and we have had the pleasure in being involved in so many amazing days, that it will take us the whole of autumn to share them all! It's been an exciting few months, but also crazy tiring. A baby sleep terrorist hasn't made things easier either :| So what with the lack of sleep, mountain of work and everybody else's weddings we've been immersed in on a daily basis, our own anniversary kind of slipped past unmarked. To be honest, the same thing happened last year (to be completely honest, I was eight months pregnant and so everything other than my swollen feet and the horrific heartburn went by unnoticed) and we didn't really take any time to mark the day. Which is a shame, as it was an AWESOME day and one we will never get to experience again.


So before we plunge head first in to wedding fair season, I thought it was important to take an hour or so to look through our photos, generally take a bit of Phillips-White time and remember what really was a beautiful,100mph wedding, whilst trying not to worry too much about how differently I would have done some of the stationery if I was doing it now. Seriously, I've well levelled up since then :D


We thought you might like a peek, enjoy!


Here are the answers to some FAQs :)


Normanton Church on Rutland Water. It's deconsecrated for civil ceremonies.

I can't walk in heels for toffee, so kicks it was!

Yes, that's Toby getting hooked by an umbrella :D

Yes that is genuine fear you can see in my eyes, Apparently I looked like that the whole way through the ceremony which led to the sweaty hand wipe at the end of the vows. Smooth.


More FAQs!


We decided against a traditional guest book in favour of a date night suggestion station. We got some questionable suggestions :)

We DIY'd everything except the catering. My sister is a florist so she aced all the floral pretties including the most beautiful corsages. I didn't want bouquets as I felt sorry for them that they'd just get plonked down after the ceremony and forgotten about :D

We built the lemonade stand ourselves and Toby spent the night before the wedding making thirty litres of homemade lemonade. Rock and roll!