Damask is a simple, yet classy suite with three metallic tones to choose from. Choose from three tones: gold, silver or rose gold, but if you can't see the colour you want from the online options, then get in touch and let us know which colours you'd like prior to ordering.

Damask invitations are single sided A6 (105 mm x 148 mm ) as standard. Invitations, save the dates, RSVP (non postcard) and thank you cards (not postcard) from our classic collections come with a superior 120gsm white envelope as standard. Like it lined? Choose from any of the colours featured in your invitation of choice and let us know which one you'd like when you order.

Prices   |   Up to 50 ~ £3.25 per item ~ Up to 90 ~ £3 per item ~ 90+ £2.75 per item   |   Rear print ~ 50p per item | Guest name ~ 50p per item | Envelope liner ~ £1 per item

Need to know more or need to discuss a complex order? Please get in touch for chat.

Damask Wedding Invitation

Number Required
Rear Print
  • Bundles

    Go large and save! Save 20% off additional individual items prices when you buy invitation bundles of three or more items. Bundles come with an invitation and RSVP (both with envelopes) as standard, then add envelope liners, and/or either tags and twine or bundle wraps to activate the saving!

    Need to get more info to your guests? Go for our BIG bundles, which come with either an A6 or A7 double sided information card.

  • Personalisation


    Choose which colour you'd like from three colour choices: gold, silver or rose gold. If you can't see the colour you want, then get in touch and let us know which colours you'd like prior to ordering. 

    Wording and Layout

    We can change all the wording for you, no problem! We can also drop some of the graphics off too, if you'd prefer, all at no extra cost. If you would like to make significant alterations to the design, please get in touch with us before you order to check the changes can be made.

  • Custom Design Additions

    We can add elements of custom design to any of our collection stationery, for example; a map or illustration of your venue. Additional fees apply.

  • Items Available

    A full stationery suite, including save the date cards, RSVP, information cards, 'on the day stationery' and thank you cards can also be ordered. Please get in contact for details.

  • Product Options

    Colour Choice

    Choose from one of three colour options online: gold, silver or rose gold, or get in touch with us to order this collection in a specific colour.

    What can I print on the back of my invitation?

    Have lots of information you need to put on your invitation? No problem as we can reverse print on single sided items. This could be local accomodation details, directions between venues, gift information... Anything really! If you don't have any more information to add but would still like the back to be printed, we can add the main colour from the front of the design to the back. If you'd like another colour to be printed on the back, please let us know at the time of order.

    I'd like a separate information card.

    Great, all of our items look fab when bundled! All info cards come double sided as standard and can either be A6 (105 mm x 148 mm) or A7 (74 mm x 105 mm).

    Can I add my guest's name to the invitations?

    Absolutely! You can order this within the prodcut options above.

    Can I have it in a different shape/size?

    Wherever possible, we will try to adapt a design to make it fit any shape or size you'd like. Some changes are easy to make, like choosing A5 invitations rather than the standard A6 and you will be able to make simple changes to format when your order online. However, for more complex changes, please get in touch with us before you place an order.

    Envelope liners, what are they?

    We can line your envelopes with a hand cut sheet, complimenting the design of your items and giving your envelopes are superior feel and weight. Choose any one of the eight colour options online. The perfect way to finish your bundles!

  • Product FAQ's

    How many should I order?

    The general rule is to order 10-15% more than you think you need. We have a minimum order number of 35 for all 'before the day' stationery. If you require less than 35, please get in contact for unit prices as these will be higher.

    Can I change the colour of the design?

    In most cases, yes! If you have a particular colour palette you'd like to use, have a chat to us prior to ordering as in most cases, we can colour match any tone from any image or link you provide us.

    Can I change the wording?

    Absolutely, all wording can be changed to anything you have in mind.

    But I don't have a clue about how I should word it!

    No problem at all :) We have lots of experience with finding the perfect wording and can help you throughout the design process.

    The design is ace! But what I really want is an illustration of my prized horse, Rocky...

    We LOVE to add elements of custom design to our collection stationery. For example; a map or illustration of your venue, or maybe the beloved family furry friend! Anything at all If you have something in mind, just ask. Additional custom design fees apply.



  • International Orders

    I'm not in the UK, can I still order?

    Yes, we love our international customers! Shipping can be a little more complex to calculate though so please do get in touch, prior to ordering so we can provide you with a postal quote first.

  • Paper & Print Info

    Damask is printed digitally using industry leading HP Indigo printers, on to our paper of choice; 300gsm hammered stock.

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